Authentic representation of the traditional ARGENTINA GRILL barbecue

El campero, is a restaurant that opened its doors in 2014 in the city of Tijuana, a city with a rich blend of gastronomicculture, getting large awards for being border, it is a meeting point for visitors from all corners of the world, creating avariety of dishes with mixtures and recipes from different parts of Mexico and the world. This diversity allowed El Campero settle in Tijuana, sharing all the flavour of specialities from the cuisine of Argentina, their meat, barbecues, their traditionalempanadas stuffed with fresh salads and much more.

We conceive the roast as true works of art, since every cut, every rib, every kid is prepared with greater dedication, delivers, who are passionate about providing the best, and the results are obvious to be evaluated as one of the best choices of meats in Tijuana.

Come and enjoy our restaurant, which is in a great location. We are in the blvd. Sonora, better known by the industry as ”la recta of the Chapultepec”.

Enjoy the BEST MEAT AND WINE in the region.


The main ingredients you‘ll find in all of our dishes are the quality of the product and the passion to bring to your table thebest. Our meats are carefully selected to always assure a product of excellence. All of this, together with excellent servicefrom our team.


Argentine empanadas are a classic of the gastronomy of this country, and in El Campero to enjoy these traditional rollsstuffed with meat, cheese with corn, peppers with cheese, among others.


Each cut has a special way of cooking, and in El Campero we prepare them with the term of cooking of your choice. Andto perceive and best enhance the flavors of the meat, there is nothing better to accompany it with a good wine which will help you to enjoy this Court in its maximum expression.


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Tel. (664) 625 3559
Av. Sonora 65, Col. Chapultepec,
Tijuana, Baja California, México C.P. 22020