Salads and Empanadas




We could not be categorized as an Argentine cuisine without the traditional Argentine empanadas that are a classic of thegastronomy of this country. There are many varieties of pies, since each province has its preferences and tastes. In thecamper you can enjoy these buns stuffed with meat. We have the traditional cheese with corn, peppers with cheese. We alsohave our versions of the House, portobello, shrimp in sauce mushroom arrabiata and Octopus, made daily so that they cankeep all their flavour and quality of authentic Argentine empanadas. They are perfect for a light entrance, before a strongdish. And if you have a small family or work meeting, these pies are perfect to share with your more relatives, since they aresynonymous with friendship.

If you are looking for more cool posts options, we have a rich variety of salads, dishes consisting of vegetables, legumes,herbs or seasoned fruits, including traditional Pampera salad, made with Mixed Greens, fresh pears, caramelized walnut,cranberry, blue cheese and homemade dressing. Or if you prefer, our Greek Salad, made with spinach, lettuce, cucumber,tomato, onion, olives have black, red peppers, feta cheese and vinaigrette. A good salad is the perfect complement to digesta delicious meat. All made with the best ingredients, fresh and of the best quality.