The best steaks



The Argentine gaucho, is a person who is characterized by his relationship with the field, since he lives and works from it,harvesting, seeding and in accordance with their animals with all the dedication and commitment. With the same dedicationand commitment, it has developed skill to choose and cook the best steaks, predominating the roast or Grill, main excuse toenjoy and celebrate among family or friends one Sunday.

In El Campero, always we have characterized by the quality of our products, the passion with which we roast our meat andour impeccable service. Our meats are a visible example, since they are always selected carefully and meticulously followingcontinuously our goal every day wear to your table the best so go with the best taste and we have her visit again.

If you come with a group from work or family, our grills are perfect for sharing with friends and family. We’ll provide the bestflavor of Argentina.

We offer you from the traditional Argentine as the Bife de lomo, the churrasco and vacuum up to cuts of Spanish style as theTolosa and the Flank Steak.