WINES – Our cellar



El Campero has the best wines so you can perceive and enhance the flavors of the meat, best because there’s nothing better to accompany it with a good wine which will help you to enjoy this Court in its maximum expression.

In our cellar, we have an excellent selection of regional wines and international, perfect to go with a juicy Rib Eye, a grilled Octopus with garlic and parsley, or a barbecue. Whether with friends or family, you will always find the right wine for every occasion.

We have dry wines, known as table wines, as well accompanying any meal, especially red meat and poultry. An example of these is the red wine Merlot and white wines can find Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, is ideal for those who prefer a light and fresh taste.

Come and enjoy a wine on our terrace, with great music, atmosphere and attention from our team, passionate about providing the best and you can stay with the best taste.